Jewelry: Drops of Sublime Art, Pride of a Woman

First conceived only to satisfy the pride of Kings and Princes, jewelry refl ected kingdoms and empires. Women soon realized its charm and begun using it with poised and elegant ostentation; the magnifi cence of dazzling accessories worn to highlight a woman’s uniqueness reminds us through ageless sensations that true luxury is not democratic: the privileges of the few are the desires of many.

Venus visages are unveiled almost like the icons of bygone eras, precious ornaments of sophisticated cut and ideal design that aspire to becoming works of art. Armonia recreates the world of animals found in the details of Parisian sculptures, distills their frozen movements, and proposes masterpieces of precious stones with a fairytale essence.

These canvases are a tribute to jewelry as symbol of femininity. They pay homage to its ability to accompany the ever changing tide of ages and styles, always maintaining an undiminished power of attraction and seduction. The portrayed beauties pose for the artist in harmony with the luminous gems captured in creations inspiring in their precision and unrivaled quality.

Armonia strives to honor the essential bond between Art and jewelry setting off beautiful arrangements of gems against the bloom of a woman’s skin. The synergy of gemstones, the execution of the drawing, and the research of decorative themes are part and parcel of this Art, as is also, then, decorating the female body with jewelry that is linked, intimately tied to the person and that will constitute its vanity and its light.

The creations that decorate those portraits of preternatural perfection capture nature and ts creatures with their movements and life without bowing to the limits of realism, but transporting them to an enchanted fairytale world. Both the cut and the harmonious setting of the stones convey the ability of jewels to suggest the actual lightness of fi sh, the power of a ram, or the dangerous sinuous coils of a snake. In order to adapt to different designs, the gold threads and the disparate gems appear alternately smooth or granulose; geometric or twisting to match the proportions and character of faces glowing with sensual slyness; the eyes of the characters, wonderfully rendered like the precious adornments themselves, are framed by soft tresses, trimmed according to the style proposed: blunt cuts, long precise layers, or soft, dark, glossy curls that starkly contrast with the smooth, ethereal complexions.


Giulia Grandi - Atelier Armonia Paris