Galleries and Museums

Vastu Home, Gallery and architecture, Jakarta, Indonesia  / L. Marinelli Gallery and architecture – curator Miriam Falera, Roma, Italy / Gossip Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand  / FYR Gallery, Shanghai, China / Cross Gallery, Shanghai, China/ 3+3 Art Space, Beijing, China / Gefeng contemporary museum, Shenzhen, China / Dongdi storehouse art gallery, Dongguan, China / Butchart art space, Taipei, Taiwan / Museum Mack Krotone,  Crotone, Italy / Museo Bagheria, Palermo, Italy / Museo Michetti, Chieti, Italy / Museum Microcollection,  Varese, Italy   Museum  Praia a Mare, Cosenza, Italy / Guazzolini Gallery and architecture, Roma, Italy