LIFE          Born on April 10th, 1971 in Genova, Italy

                Degree in fashion design and costume in Genoa, Italy,

                Higher Institute of Applied Arts in Padua, Italy


Multidisciplinary in his immense creativity, his works are the amazing result of an exclusive marriage between art, fashion, gold and history. After various expériences linked to his travels in exotic and wonderful places, which opened up multiple artistic solutions, both with regard to subjects and techniques, the artist found his creative habitat in Paris where he has been living since year 2000.

One of the most charming traits of his production is the feminine universe that he interprets through a nonconforming, baroque beauty, where women are opulent not only in their physical shape but also in their power of seduction.

Very interesting period of "purification" "Black and White" the artist produced works of art using only two colors for four years, (2007-2010), the color reappears thanks to his stay in India Jaipur, in 2011

The last artistic production, makes his work more contemporary and more mature.

A design influenced by his surroundings, violent and current events that shake and bring terror to the human race; its increasingly take a political and cultural connotation, while remaining aesthetically elegant works.

Recently the artist is more recognizable and linked to American Pop Art current and Street Art.

Thomas Diego Armonia
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